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Home Additions and its Advantages
Home Additions and its Advantages
November 10, 2016

Home additions in Toronto are a great way to add value to a property because home buyers are easily attracted by increased living space. However, not every homeowner has the desire to put up their home in the property market; home additions can simply be a way to transform the home so that it will be more spacious and comfortable. New additions can be additional bedrooms, bathrooms, or any extension for the extra space you desire.


Advantages of home additions

  • Adding another bedroom for a new member of the family usually costs less than moving to a larger home. The new member of the family may be a baby or a retired senior who wants to live with the children. Home additions in Toronto entail a certain amount of investment but there is no price tag when it comes to family.


  • By adding a den at the back of the house, living space is increased. You can easily discuss the proposed project with a contractor who does home additions in Toronto to determine whether the idea is feasible and in the budget. By adding a den, you gain the opportunity to create something special for the family. Instead of a den, you can also opt for a sunroom that you can transform into an office to enjoy your precious privacy.


  • Adding a new bathroom is one of the most common projects undertaken with home additions. A new bathroom reduces early morning traffic and prevents squabbles among family members. If you had no hand in building your present home, adding a new bathroom gives you the opportunity to select a design that reflects your tastes and personality. You get to create a bathroom according to your desired color scheme and double vanity to make it luxuriously functional.


  • Adding a new room can generate additional income. If there is remaining unused space adjacent to the home, a full bedroom with bathroom can be built to be rented out to a tenant. A home addition is the route usually undertaken by families when they need an additional source of income. A home addition also increases the value of a property because home buyers would be attracted by an additional source of income to offset a portion of the investment.


  • It makes sense to simply add a room than look for a new home in another neighborhood. Moving is a challenge to many homeowners because they have to start all over again. It is also expensive because you have to hire moving trucks and cleaning staff. Instead of moving to a new home, you can opt for a renovation project that will add more living space. You can even transform the basement into an entertainment room or a mini-gym. The attic can also be converted into a bedroom so that your teenager will enjoy the privacy he/she wants. 


Home additions can transform your home the way you like it. You will be provided with an estimate of the costs involved so that you can determine whether an additional room will be worth the investment. 

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