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Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations

Many homebuyers form their opinion about a newly built or remodeled house based on kitchen and bathroom features. Remodeled kitchen and bathrooms significantly increase the value of a house and finalize an impression of a luxury-style home, especially in Toronto markets. A kitchen renovation for a Toronto home completes an already elegant home, and truly adds to a home’s worth, for living and selling. Similarly, a bathroom renovation in a Toronto home adds that extra touch that just isn’t there without using modern styles and materials. SPb Contracting specializes in the designing, remodeling, and building of kitchen and bathroom renovations for Toronto, offering a variety of styles, ranging from traditional and cottage-type to contemporary and transitional. If you’re thinking about a kitchen renovation for your Toronto property, or a bathroom renovation, we have a wealth of experience to give you a completely seamless look.

Our services have the benefits of:

  • Cosmetic makeover
  • Layout remodeling
  • Space expansion
  • Fixture and system rearrangement
  • Cabinetry

Construction Galery

SPb Contracting boasts an extensive portfolio of home renovations and real estate projects around the Greater Toronto Area. Our attention to detail, creative approach, innovative thinking, and dedication to client satisfaction have resulted in luxurious real estate properties throughout Toronto and the GTA. Browse through our galleries for some of the projects and home renovations we have completed.