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Home Renovation: The Value of Your Investment
Home Renovation: The Value of Your Investment
September 09, 2016

It is common knowledge in the real estate industry that home improvements can increase the value of a home but take note; not all improvements can be attractive to a home buyer. First of all, quality matters which means hiring professional home renovations for your Toronto project. A remodeling project that was haphazardly done can make a buyer think twice about investing on the property. To gain the best response for buyers, make sure that the renovations are practical, functional and aesthetically appealing.


How to increase value from a kitchen renovation?


Renovations on the kitchen almost always pay off. According to experts, kitchen renovations can easily recoup the investment as long as you do not go overboard. It makes sense to increase the size of a kitchen to allow more space to move around but make sure that its dimensions to do not resemble a restaurant kitchen. The biggest returns on investments can be gained by upgrading the kitchen’s paint color and by replacing the tiles and countertops. New paint is not very expensive but the right color can do wonders for the kitchen. You do not have to upgrade countertops with marble or granite on a limited budget; there are inexpensive tiles with good designs and patterns that can improve aesthetics. With the help of contractors for your home renovations in Toronto, some commonly overlooked issues can be handled properly like cracks on the walls can be repaired to prevent moisture from seeping in. In the absence of moisture, there will be no mold or mildew growth.


Why should you invest on a new bathroom?


Most of the projects undertaken by home renovations involve the addition of a new bathroom. For example, if you are fond of hosting parties, a new bathroom will be a practical improvement. When you hire the experts, they will be able to help find space for a new bathroom without the need to destroy a wall. There may be some unoccupied space in your home which have not been considered to be utilized before, like an empty closet or a space near the stairs. Home buyers are always attracted to new bathrooms with energy efficient toilets, faucets and showerheads. Aside from being environmentally friendly, many home buyers are concerned over their water bills. Less water consumed means more savings.


Remodeling a room can be appealing


In most homes, attics and basements are used for storage of old clothes, furniture and equipment. Through home renovations, the attic or basement or both can be transformed into functional spaces that can increase property value. The attic can be converted into additional bedroom for a teenager while the basement can be transformed into a family room, an entertainment area or a mini gym. Instead of extending the home when there is new member of the family, a more practical option will be to undertake home renovations to create versatile rooms. The cost can be minimal as long as you stick to the budget. You can always enhance aesthetics by being artistic and creative once construction has been fully completed. 

Do you do bathroom renovation too?
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