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Practical Tips for Basement Renovation in Toronto
Practical Tips for Basement Renovation in Toronto
May 12, 2016

Practical Tips For Basement Renovation in Toronto


Remodeling your basement is a project that takes a lot of planning and foresight. Basement renovations in Toronto can be a lot of work. If you simply remodel as on a whim, you may make changes you are not happy with or otherwise damage a part of your home that is critical to the foundation. All you have to do is take some time to figure out exactly what your options are before you start, and this is much less of a concern. Using them will make basement renovations in Toronto a lot smoother for you. Here is a list of some great tips to help with that.


  • Plan your exits. You really need to have multiple safe exits out of your basement in case of fire or other emergency. A window that is big enough for a human to crawl through is a great example of a visually appealing exit that is not too expensive to add to your original design.
  • Stop the water. If you notice a water problem, it’s imperative that you fix that before you move on to other plans. It can derail your project, but it is much better to take care of such a thing in advance than let it continue to get worse over time.
  • Check the height. Basements often have a few features that are not ideal such as low ceiling height. Many solutions to this involve digging deeper to the ground, but there may be issues that prevent this from being a reliable option. There are ways to solve this though, such as using beams that are flush to the support.
  • Can you drain? Installing a new bathroom means you are going to have to connect the water supply to it. You need to make sure that there is a safe method of accomplishing this with the design of your basement. You will need enough slopes in the lines called the fall in order to allow the waste to leave by means of gravity.
  • Retrofit. Earthquakes are a serious concern, even if you live in an area who has them infrequently. It’s much better to have proper support and be well protected in case of an emergency than rely on the event never happening. Standard retrofitting will entail nailing plywood to the face of the short wall as well as connecting it to its foundation and to the floor system above it. Basement renovations in Toronto don’t need to be concerned about this as much, but it’s still valuable to be protected.
I couldn't agree more Jimmy.
Posted by: Gina | December 14, 2016, 2:39 pm
Always always check the height before any basement renovation. It could be something small that puts your project on pause.
Posted by: Jimmy | November 10, 2016, 10:17 am
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