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The biggest secret a construction company in Toronto doesn't want you to know
The biggest secret a construction company in Toronto doesn't want you to know
August 23, 2016

Any construction company in Toronto will tell you exactly what you want to hear when you are first being pitched a project. At this stage in the process, the deal has not been made and so the contractor is still working diligently to earn your favour as a customer. In this blog, we at SPB Contracting want to share the number one secret that other construction companies try to hope you forget. If this has got your attention, then keep reading.


The biggest secret a construction company in Toronto doesn’t want you to know is that you are in control. You may be disappointed at first, thinking the tip would be much more valuable. But what you should understand is that this is the fundamental understanding and the most important thing you can possibly keep in mind during the process of your home renovation.


When you look at the process from the outside, it feels as if the contractor is firmly in control. While you may have an idea of what you would like your new kitchen or bathroom to look like, it is the contractor that understands the techniques and materials that will need to be acquired and conveys that information accordingly. The contractor is trusted with your home, and spends extended time there (sometimes unattended). All of these elements contribute to feeling like you as the homeowner are simply at the whim of the contractor, and that your particular contractor always knows best.


But this couldn’t be further from the truth! Ultimately as the homeowner you have control over the details of the contract. Exercise your power; don’t let a construction company in Toronto control all the terms of the agreement. Make sure you speak upfront with your contractor about all relevant details regarding the upcoming work; don’t forget about points such as the estimated length of work (and what happens if that is not met), cost of materials, and labour fees. The goal is to ensure that as much of the project exists in writing so you have a recourse should things turn out different than expected. Additionally, never pay the full cost of work before you have verified it has been completed. As much of a 10% prepay is usually acceptable, and any decent contractor will negotiate material costs with you on an ongoing basis or even better purchase them on their own to be later billed with completion.


SPB is a construction company in Toronto that has your best interests in mind. We do renovations quickly and easily – the way you want it. If you are interested in some of our services, feel free to give us a call.

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