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What identifies a good contractor from a poor one?
What identifies a good contractor from a poor one?
June 09, 2016

If you are looking for a general contractor Toronto, it’s wise to play your cards carefully. The difference between a good contractor and a poor one is their ability to tap into your dreams and translate them into an exceptional masterpiece that you can be proud of. While there are thousands of average contractors who will only deliver the bare minimum that you ask, it is possible to get an awesome construction guru who can unleash the whole package. So what distinguishes a good contractor from a poor one?

  • Experience

Experience is a puzzle that sets another level as far as the construction industry is concerned. Although credentials are good, experience means a lot more. An experienced general contractor in Toronto has made enough mistakes and has learned to correct them. In most cases, experience is passed from one generation to another when it comes to construction staff. Make a point of asking a company how long they have done the business, and if possible enquire if they have gained any accomplishments or recognitions for exceptional customer experience and satisfaction.  While working with an experienced business can be a major boost, this is not a complete disregard of new companies. It is possible to have a new business with experienced workers. So, if you can find a way of proofing that workers are experienced, then go for it!

  • Credentials

This is the most important aspect when considering whether your general contractor in Toronto is worth of your money, time and effort. Any serious company should have the licenses and permuts, as well as trainings that enable it to deliver the job efficiently. No matter what a company says about itself, if it does not have these papers then its professionalism and reliability remain questionable. A simple company with good credentials is a thousand times between than a complex company with no papers.

SPB contracting is proud presents certified credentials and experience in architecture, demolition, framing, renovations, cabinetry and more.

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