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Common Pitfalls When Choosing a Contracting Company
Common Pitfalls When Choosing a Contracting Company
September 22, 2016

While the number of Toronto contractors in the construction business keeps increasing, getting a reliable partner for your project is not always straightforward. There has been instances where clients don’t get what they pay for. While I sympathize with their situation, its clear in one way or another that there is something they could have done to avoid such trouble. Here are some common pitfalls to avoid when choosing your contractor.


Red flags

High quality Toronto contractors are not hard to find, but make sure to do your research for any red flags. Every good company must be able to demonstrate their experience in the industry for you to gauge their quality of skill. Most people who choose start-up contractors end up regretting because inexperienced staff are prone to making mistakes.


Company referrals

One of the best ways to gain trust with a construction company is by talking to previous clients. It is not enough to just judge a company’s capacity by what they say about themselves. Former customers help you understand a contractor by giving you the story of their experience, and then allowing you to make an independent decision. Over the years, SPB contracting has dealt with numerous clients, who are willing to share their experience with us.  Depending on your location, you can also visit your business bureau to get some more light on a contractor’s standing. Any company that does not give referrals or has a poor standing with the local business bureau is a straight red flag.



In most cases, Toronto contractors with a bad reputation end up disappointing clients. One of the best ways to know a company’s reputation is by gauging the available information about their project delivery standards. Companies that don’t keep contract terms, delay projects or change the course of work are not dependable.


Price tag

While it’s not good to just choose a contractor based on their price tag, some quotations should raise eyebrows. Toronto contractors who over quote or under quote their prices are probably doing trial-and-error with your project.

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