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The Easiest Way to Save on a Construction Project
The Easiest Way to Save on a Construction Project
October 11, 2016

Different types of professionals are involved in the construction of a new home; from plumbers, electricians, painters and decorators, HVAC installers and carpenters. It would be a daunting task for the new homeowner to hire different professionals for each part of the house. To enjoy the best results from the project, a general contractor Toronto and GTA has many, is hired to oversee anything that is related to construction from the procurement of materials to the hiring of sub-contractors to complete the project.

How can you save money during a construction project?

Many people are still unaware of the advantages of hiring a general contractor for a construction project. General contractors are often hired to manage the construction project to reduce the participation and the stress put on the homeowner. Highly experienced and skilled general contractors have their own network of sub-contractors they can call on to work on a project. It is expected for a general contractor to know his men thoroughly so that construction will go on without any problems. The new homeowner will be able to save considerable time and efforts because the general contractor is in charge of everything related to the project including the purchase of materials from suppliers. Since general contractors have served the construction industry for years, they are familiar with suppliers who can provide them materials for reasonable prices. Sad to say, but it is very rare for suppliers to offer discounts to homeowners particularly those they are not familiar with. General contractors usually have liability insurance which saves the homeowner from responsibility in case of work-related accidents.

How to hire a general contractor

A general contractor handles different jobs aside from new construction. You can call on a general contractor for home renovation and remodeling including home expansion. You will be provided with a quote based on his estimated cost of the project. In some cases, the quoted price is negotiable to suit the budget. However, when hiring a general contractor in Toronto, the quoted price must not be the only basis but the experience in the construction industry. It is also important to work with a licensed contractor with workmen’s compensation insurance to save you from headaches and unnecessary expense in case of work-related accidents. A licensed general contractor usually posts a bond to protect the homeowner if the contract is not met. The bond usually covers the cost of completing the project including re-work whenever necessary.

To put it simply, the general contractor is the boss and he is the person to be called if things go wrong. In order to earn a profit, a general contractor makes sure he is involved in the project from the planning process so that there will be fewer surprises. Extra costs can be avoided by hiring qualified sub-contractors who can perform their task efficiently within the given time frame. While it is not absolutely required for a construction project to be managed by a general contractor, hiring someone you can trust to ensure that everything will be done right according to schedule will be your best decision to save your sanity. 

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